Redefining learning experiences with immersive technologies

Learning-focused platform

designed by a team of educators and instructional designers, backed by an experienced team of developers

Curated immersive content

that meets international educational standards, providing engaging and hands-on learning experiences

Education-first hardware

designed for seamless integration into the classrooms

Personalization and analytics

to acquire valuable insights, and receive practical feedback

Create your own experiences

that are immersive, interactive, and purposeful using 360° images or videos

200+ hours
of immersive learning content

The world’s most comprehensive VR education solution for schools

The most complete VR education system available for use in classrooms

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Enable students to grasp intricate STEM concepts by offering practical, hands-on learning, supplemented with in-built formative assessments.

Access educational content that aligns with standards and curricula worldwide, ensuring a meaningful learning experience

Create classes, organize student rosters, manage content, and access comprehensive analytics on student performance

A user-friendly virtual reality device developed for educational purposes

Create immersive and meaningful virtual reality experiences, and motivate students to develop their own
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Allow students to learn complex STEM concepts through hands-on experience and built-in formative assessment

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Access content aligned with various regional standards and common curricula across the globe

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Set up classes, manage rosters and content, and get actionable analytics on student performance

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Easy-to-use VR device specifically designed for educational use

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Effortlessly create compelling and purposeful virtual reality projects and inspire students to create their own, even with limited technical expertise

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Personalized teaching and learning opportunities

Personalized teaching and learning opportunities

Offer a genuinely personalized experience that boosts student focus and engagement within a self-paced, self-directed learning environment

VR in Education
Monitor student progress through assessments to evaluate understanding, gain valuable insights, and offer personalized feedback

Actionable analytics
Provide an immersive and inclusive learning environment for students with special needs

VR in Special Education
Enable students to work offline with ease in remote locations or areas where internet access is limited

How it works

A hassle-free platform for classroom management

A hassle-free platform for classroom management

Embracing diversity
in the classroom

Collaborating closely with special education teachers, our team has developed immersive and inclusive VR learning experiences tailored to unique learning needs. Join us in our mission to offer an inclusive learning experience for every student.

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Embracing diversity
in the classroom

Our team has been working closely with special education teachers to create engaging, immersive, and ... inclusive learning experiences in VR that help students move at their own pace. Join us on this journey to provide an inclusive learning experience for all students.

Education-first hardware for a seamless classroom experience

Works offline

128 GB of ROM and 6 GB of RAM

Expansive storage for accommodating additional VR content

Integrated mobile device management (MDM)

Comes with pre-loaded content

Operating system specially designed for educational purposes

Education-first hardware for a seamless classroom experience

Coming soon

New immersive learning experiences

Premium training and support

Our team of specialists is committed to providing high-quality training sessions to assist you in maximizing your use of our VR platform. Furthermore, we offer top-notch support to address inquiries, concerns, or technical issues promptly, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

Premium training and support

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